E! Online has been dropping snippets of behind the scenes from this insanely anticipated film. These include scenes of Voldemorts attack on Hogworts. We can see Voldemort and the deatheaters in the courtyard busing into Hogworts. There are other action scenes and we can see a lot of shots that are missing their CGI FX which make this easily worth a watch. Nothing’s funnier than Daniel Radcliffe pretending to cast a lighting blot spell or some shit, while you can hear the crew breathing and everyone has to take it seriously.

There’s no commentary and it’s really not cut as a documentary piece or anything it is just raw behind the scene footage of the film and it’s truly fascinating. I always find it interesting watching how a set works that daily costs more than my the house I grew up in. Even if you don’t care about the new Potter films but you’re interested in movie making this is definitely worth a watch.


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