Look, I don’t begrudge Hasbro from making money, but I their obsession with exploiting Hollywood’s lack of imagination by rehashing old toys is getting to be a bit ridiculous. During the Quarterly investment call, Hasbro’s CEO updated the press on plans to make another Transformer movie and a whole bunch of other films that will suck. None of the Transformer films have really been great. The last one was pretty fun, but they still haven’t made up for the second film. We’ve already seen a movie trailer for Battleship… WTF did that trailer have to do with battleship other than it was on boats? It is all getting to be pretty stupid. Anyways, here’s the breakdown of what was announced on the call.

# Goldner hopes to be able to announce Transformers 4 next quarter as they are talking with Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay and Paramount.
# The Ouija script is “in good shape and is being polished now, meaning that the film could be back with a studio shortly.” via THR. We previously posted how Universal dropped the project but maybe with a lower budget the film could move ahead.
# A Micronauts movie script is being written with J.J. Abrams producing and it’s set up at Paramount. We’ve know this for awhile.
# Goldner doesn’t see Hasbro producing their own films like Marvel.
# Hasbro is still developing movie scripts for Monopoly, Risk, Clue, Stretch Armstrong and Candyland

Source: COllider