We learned that Marvel Legend was going to make a come back in 2012 and they sure weren’t kidding! Here’s a recap of what was announced and revealed at the Hasbro Marvel panel this year at NYCC.

Avengers will play a big part in 2012, so naturally we’ll be seeing a lot of Avengers toys next year. Aside from the figures that have been out on display, we’ll also be getting Ultimate Thor and Hawkeye.

Some Avenger Mini Muggs comic 2-packs will also be released: Captain America vs Red Skull, Hulk vs. Abomination, Iron Man vs Iron Monger and Thor vs Loki. All pretty cute.

Marvel Universe 2012 wave 3: Hercules in 80’s Avengers costume, Angel in both blue and red. Red is the variant. Nighthawk, Modern Nova, and Puck.

New Avengers 3-pack: Bleeding Edge Iron Man, Thor and Red Hulk.

MU wave 4 will consist of Professor X with hover chair, Jubilee, Blastaar, Medusa, Karnak, Black Knight, Bearded Thor with war helmet and Thor Frog!! The last few figures were mostly concepts, no real figures shown.

Marvel Legends return in full force in 2012. First up, there will be a Danny Ketch Ghost Rider. It’ll come in yellow and a blue flame variant.

ML wave 2 will feature running change figures. This is the same as what was reported during SDCC. Madame Mask will be replaced with Madame Hydra. Thunder Ball will be replaced with Pile Driver. Big Time Spider-Man will be replaced with a Future Foundation Spider-Man. The new figures will come with new Build-A-Figure parts to make a Red Skull variant Anim Zola.

New revealed for ML wave 3 include samples of US Agent (shield, gun, sword), Jim Lee inspired Punisher (comes with coat and a TON of weapons). There is also a modern Blade, although a sculpted head was just shown. Lastly, fans can also expect an Archangel, but it wasn’t clear what wave he’d be in. Also not clear if he’d be regular or X-Force. My guess is fans can expect both. The figure looks fantastic with giant metallic wings.

Fans can also expect a Jim Lee 90’s Jean Grey (Fan vote), Stryfe, Moonstar and a newly sculpted Emma Frost! Early WIP protos were shown for some of these, they looked a bit rough but pretty nice. The new Emma will come with a new head. Not sure if the body is the same.

Lastly, fans can also expect a MU Rogue, Amazing Bag Man, and Arcade.