NECA unveiled five new Terminator figures at Toy Fair this year from their popular Terminator line. The figures include three versions of the T-800 based on the first film with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a relentless killing machine and two of the T-1000 from the sequel.

The figures in this new wave includes:

-The Terminator Tech Noir (removable arm)
-Police Station Assault Terminator (comes with extra one eye head)
-Battle Damaged Tech Noir Terminator (comes with extra undamaged head)

-Motorcycle Cop T-1000
-Steel Mill T-1000

While several companies have attempted to recreate the Terminator property in plastic form, no one’s done it better than NECA and their new Terminator line is without a doubt one of the best showings at this year’s Toy Fair. Look for them to hit stores later this year.

Image Source: MTV