The other day we reported that Tim Kring, Creator of NBC’s Heroes had fired producer Jeph Loeb. Today he explained his actions to Variety.

The catchphrase from the first season of “Heroes” was “save the cheerleader.” This season, it could be “save the scripts.”

It is no secret that Heroes ratings have been dropping like the stock market lately, so that means it is time to point fingers and burn sacrificial lambs. Some people felt that he’d been delegating too much responsibility for story and writing to Loeb and Alexander, so he dumped the pair over the weekend.

Kring also has promised studio heads that he’ll listen to the critics and the fans and simplify the story which has gotten way out of control recently and return to a more “good vs. evil” theme… Hmm.. That sounds familiar.

Insiders however, say the real problem is the large cast and huge $4,000,000 per episode price tag.