It’s been wildly speculated that Kevin Smith would be retiring from film making, but now we have official confirmation that this will indeed happen.

For awhile, writer/director Kevin Smith (Dogma, Chasing Amy) hinted that he’d be retiring from full-time directorial duties, but it wasn’t until Sundance this year that Smith has explicitly confirmed the speculation, making it official.

Speaking after the premiere of his newest film, “Red State,” at the Sundance Film Festival, Smith confirmed that he will retire as a director following the filming of his next project, reports Cinema Blend.

It’s unknown what Smith will ultimately do, but it’s speculated that will “instead focus on helping other people make movies. Whether this means that he will be serving as a producer or continuing to write is unknown.”

As a Kevin Smith fan, this comes as no surprise. While he may retire from directing, I’m confident he will still leave his mark on whatever project he works on in the future whether it be film or comics. It’s a shame how his career has ended, but he’ll still forever remain the director/writer that showed the world what originality, determination and a small budget can do.

Source: Cinema Blend

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