Hoodwinked director, Cory Edwards is coming back to the big screen for a new animated feature from the producer of ‘Shrek’ & DNEG. in a deal announced earlier today by Deadline, it has been revealed that Edwards will helm the new sci-fi animated film Doomstar: Janitorial.

While not much is known about the film, we do have the plotline here:

Gabe is a lowly janitor on a powerful space station. When his own planet becomes the next target, Gabe and his blue-collar buddies attempt to sabotage the whole place. Aliens will chase them. Robots will taser them. But there’s nothing these guys can’t clean up.

Here’s what Edwards had to say about the new project:

“This one is special. It’s a script I’ve been working on for a long time, something I’ve wanted to make for several years,” said Edwards. “It’s really my love letter to 80s sci-fi, and pulling from touchstone comedies like Ghostbusters and Galaxy Quest. There will be lazy robots, there will be alien karaoke, there be janitors cleaning up acid blood. My goal is to fill the cast with as many funny people as possible and let them play a lot.”

Along with writing and directing Doomstar, Cory also wrote and directed the animated feature ‘Fearless’ for Netflix, which is set for release later this summer.