“Horrible Turn,’ the much anticipated fan-made film prequel to Zack Whedon’s Emmy winning web short “Dr. Horrible Sing-Along-Blog” is now out in all its fandom nerdy glory.

Like the word prequel suggests, “Horrible Turn” takes place sometime in the 1990s before the Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer days. While it’s not necessarily canon, if any at all, we do get to see how one fan interprets the hows-and-whys of Billy’s transformation into Dr. Horrible.

The film is chocked full of references (if not a bit overused) from the original, along with a bunch of catchy tunes. The production value is top notch, but like the notice in the beginning warns, this is just a fan film.

Head on over to www.horribleturn.com to watch the full-hour long fan film or watch it below now!