Latino Review has been the king of Marvel movie spoilers and exclusive bits of news. Just last week they broke the story that the first films in Marvel’s Phase 3 will be Dr. Strange and Ant-Man. Now, they have come out with some serious Hulk related spoilers that will have major impact on Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Here’s the basic breakdown of the news. For more details, watch the Latino Review Blog below.

First up, sometime in Avengers 2, The Hulk is going to Hulk out something fierce. This will prompt Marvel’s version of the Illuminati to trick him into a ship where he is sent off into deep space for the safety of Mankind and himself.

This leads us into the a Hulk movie!!! Not only a hulk movie, but Planet Hulk! It is the only real story they can do that isn’t another Hulk origin and fight against General Ross rehash.

But wait, there’s more! Hulk comes back to earth in Avengers 3 which will be based on the World War Hulk Story!

Part of this makes a lot of sense. The Illuminati group in Marvel includes Dr Strange. That explains how they’ll bring him into the universe. On the other side, however, it also include Reed Richards, who is currently controlled by FOX under the Fantastic Four franchise. The same problem exists for Silver Surfer, who plays a small, but important role in planet Hulk.

Source: Latinoreview