Imagi studios made some great CGI stuff back in the day. OK, the content wasn’t great, but the animation was. It turns out that before they went under, they had actually pitched a CGI Zelda film to Nintendo. Nintendo said no, but the pitch reel for the movie is now available on Youtube.

Imagi Animation Studios, the former computer animation studio behind “TMNT” and “Astro Boy,” pitched this CGI “Legend of Zelda” movie to Nintendo. Which Nintendo shut down.

Before the American division was shut down by their Hong Kong-based parent company, Imagi Animation Studios were eyeing a computer-animated “Legend of Zelda” movie as their next project. Given the terrible reception and poor sales of the 1993 “Super Mario Bros.” movie, Nintendo weren’t likely eager to give another one of their properties to an America studio.

Simply titled “Link,” the CGI “Legend of Zelda” demo reel features a stylized art style reminiscent of Jeff Matsuda’s work on “TMNT.” Judging by the monsters in the demo reel resembling the Shadow Beasts, the CGI “Legend of Zelda” film was possibly taken inspiration from the American-favored ‘Twilight Princess.” And with no “Excuse me, Princess” in sight, the pitched ‘Legend of Zelda” film appeared more faithful to the source material than the Saturday morning cartoon.

Source: Collider