In this week’s box office battle, it came down to an angry man, an angry ghost, and a kid in feety pajamas. The kid kicked everyone’s butts. The long awaited “Where the Wild Things Are” raked in almost $32.5 million in it’s opening weekend. The film is meeting with critical acclaim along with its financial success. It is truly a pleasure to see a kid’s story not destroyed by a movie… perhaps this will usher in a new era of films like Secret of Nimh and Watership Down.

Popping up in the first loser slot is the Jamie Foxx/ Gerard Butler revenge thriller. The movie brought in a decent $21.25 mil this weekend. It could have done better, but people still have the awful taste in the back of their throats from “The Ugly Truth.”

Jumping to #3 this week was Paranormal Activity, also known as this generation’s Blair Witch. It’s the movie that isn’t really a movie, but actually is a movie, and half the people who see it poop themselves. It brought in $20 mil, a jump of 155% over last week. Rounding out the top five were Couples Retreat with $18 mil and The Stepfather with $12.3 mil. The big surprise of the weekend is the header that Zombieland took with its drop to #7. At $7.8 million, this movie was down almost 50% off last week.

1 Where the Wild Things Are $32,470,000
2 Law Abiding Citizen $21,250,000
3 Paranormal Activity $20,163,000
4 Couples Retreat $17,949,000
5 The Stepfather $12,300,000 –
6 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs $8,100,000
7 Zombieland $7,800,000
8 Toy Story / Toy Story 2 (3D) $3,011,000
9 Surrogates $1,922,000
10 The Invention of Lying $1,905,000