Fans who were worried that the troubled actor would be leading the way in ‘Indiana Jones 5’ can rest easy. Sure, they are going to get an action movie with a star that is now older than the actor who played his father two films ago, but at least, according to a new EW interview with screeenwriter David Koepp, Mutt is not going to be featured in franchise’s fifth outing.

Beyond that, there’s nothing really to know about the film right now. It’s set for a release on July 10, 2020 and it will probably have Indy tracking down some precious relic. If I had to put money on details beyond that, I’d guess that the relic will be based in China, which will give the studio a chance to bring in a lot more actors from that part of the world, increasing the potential box office pull from Chinese moviegoers.

It’s doubtful that we’ll learn anything else from Spielberg before the end of this year, when he’s releasing his next film, The Post, before cracking the whip on Indiana Jones 5.

Source: EW