During Comic Con We had a chance to sit down with voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson. He’s best known for his work on the Emmy nominated “The Cleveland Show” as Cleveland Brown Jr., but he’s recently exploded with major roles in several hot new animate series. On the HUB network you can see him pulling double duty as the voice of Roadblock on “G.I Joe: Renegades” and as Bulkhead on “Transformers Prime.” As of last week’s premier, he is also the voice of Panthro on the new “Thundercats” animated series on the Cartoon Network.

He’s got a killer voice that is instantly recognizable, but what sets him apart even more is his comedic timing. As you’ll see in the interview he prefers the comedy and it shows. While his booming voice lends itself easily to heroic characters, it’s his timing and desire to add a little extra to each voice he does that makes him unique.

Kevin was super cool and just an all around nice guy. This was my first ever one on one interview and as you can hear my lame ultra weird voice was all stumbly trying to get out a few of the questions. Talking about the Emmy nomination, Kevin seemed genuinely excited and happy about it. As you may notice the sound on the first couple questions is a little different than the rest of the interview. My stupid microphone got wonky and so I had to stop the interview for a moment to fix it. This was incredibly embarrassing but Kevin took it in stride and we all made a few jokes then went on with the interview.

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