John Stewart is back with his second film as a writer/director and this time the former Daily Show host is working a little closer to home with a comedy around election intrigue. Stewart has enough goodwill with us from his former work that we’ll always give him a shot, but even without him, the movie has a cast including Steve Carell, Rose Byrne, Chris Cooper, Topher Grace, Natasha Lyonne, Mackenzie Davis, CJ Wilson and Will Sasso. You can’t really ask for a much better group of talent than that.

Written and directed by Jon Stewart, Irresistible is a comedy about what happens when a small Wisconsin town becomes the main attraction of our political circus. After the Democrat’s top strategist Gary (Steve Carell) sees a video of a retired Marine Colonel (Chris Cooper) standing up for the rights of his town’s undocumented workers, Gary believes he has found the key to winning back the Heartland. However, when the Republicans counter him by sending in his brilliant nemesis Faith (Rose Byrne), what started out as a local race quickly becomes an out-of-control and hilarious fight for the soul of America.