Wookie’s Southern HQ is down in Orlando FL, and we’re always interested in the goings on at Walt Disney World. Right now, the park is a giant construction zone, with planned parks based around Toy Story, Star Wars, and Avatar. There’s also a huge line in Epcot right now for fans to check out the new Frozen Ever After ride. However, it looks like Elsa might have some intergalactic competition in Disney’s most futuristic park.

As you know, Epcot was planned as Walt Disney’s vision of a “City of The Future.” Unfortunately, it’s become the Orlando Park’s red headed stepchild and many of its attractions have been shuttered or are in serious need of an update.

A new rumor is working its way around the net that Disney World will be getting it’s first Marvel themed attraction in epcot by way of a Guardians of the Galaxy ride. While part of my loves the idea of a Guardians themed attraction, a bigger part of me wonders why it isn’t going to Hollywood studios. I felt similarly about the new Frozen attraction. First of all, that one replaced one of my favorite rides in Epcot (RIP Maelstrom), and secondly, it just doesn’t fit the theme of what Epcot is supposed to be.

Just where will the ride go? If what people are saying is true, the ride is going to replace the World of Energy, a long running attraction that stars Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye The Science Guy.

If there’s truth to the rumor, it goes along with a larger plan that would also see the entire Innoventions pavilion get a new look and possibly a new attraction. Personally, if they are going to bring in more rides like this to Epcot, I’d love to see them at least keep to the initial theme. There’s a great lead-in with Tony Stark and The Stark Expo.

Source: Blogmickey