Harry Potter fans, it’s time to put down your novels and pick up your comics. One of your favorite members of Slytherin is heading to Central City! Followers of the show are already excited at the recent reports that Season 3 of the show will give us a TV adaptation of Flash’s Flashpoint Story. This is just icing on the cake.

The show has already proved to be pretty tricky as far as unveiling identities and how they relate to their comic book counter parts, so it isn’t a huge surprise that the name of Felton’s character, Julian Dorn, is not familiar. It could mean that he’s going to be a brand new character, but it’s more than likely that there’s more there than meets the eye.

Here’s what we do know about the new character. He’s “a fellow CSI at the Central City Police Department who suspects there’s more to Barry Allen than just his good guy reputation.” Personally, I’m all for this. it sets up a new dynamic in the show that we haven’t had thus far.

Source: Nerdist