After rumors of budget cutbacks on the set of Marvel’s ‘Avengers’, we’ve now got news that the movie will have a budget of $170 million dollars.

The good news about that for the residents of Ohio is that at least $30 million of that money is slated to be spent in Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio. The movie will spend around two weeks filming there.

As many people already know, the movie is currently filming in New Mexico, and that is where we got this shot of the set. From the looks of things, it appears that they are trying to make it look like India or the middle east. Also, the fact that they are shooting at a rail yard might be a hint that they will be using part of one of the stories that brought the team together in the comics.

We’re referring to Stan Lee’s story of Loki tricking Goliath into destroying a railroad track. This time it probably won’t be Goliath, but we already know that Loki has a hand to play here.

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