There’s a lot of chatter going on in all the movie sites about this new mystery blog that just appeared with a claim that its being secretly written by a crew member on the new Ghostbusters film. New Ghostubsters you say? Ya. Here’s the thing though. I call shenanigans in a big fat way.

Story is that there is a script, and its being worked on as we speak. In fact, Sigourney Weaver even recently mentioned that she just chatted with Bill Murray about it. Our guess here is that the site is a hoax, a very expensive hoax. They have really crappy cgi pics of some new gear and one of the big ghosts if you want to check them out. Hell, just the thought of a new Ghostbusters film to make up for the crap that was Vigo and the second movie excites me. Maybe enough talk will help move the real project forward.

Here’s the site: Click Here