Filmonic is reporting that there’s a good chance that Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland movie is not the film that were have all be expecting. Most of the public was thinking that they’d be seeing a surrealistic Tim “Burtony” production that would turn all the cuteness we remember from the Disney version and turn it back towards the original twisted story that Lewis Carol wrote in-between killing hookers… That is if you believe the theory that he was Jack the Ripper.

Well, according to an interview he just did with D23 magazine, it looks like we are in for a heck of a surprise when the movie hits the big screen some time next year.

From the Tim Burton Collective:
”Everybody’s got an image of Wonderland, such as the Disney version which is bright and cartoony,” he continues. ”I think in people’s minds, it’s always a very bright place. I don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but we thought given what this story is, if Alice had this adventure as a little girl and now she’s going back all these years later, it’s a bit overgrown, the topiaries aren’t as nicely cut as they once were. There’s a slightly haunted quality to Wonderland, even though it’s got strong elements of color.”