I’m not sure whether to give this thing a hug or give in to my urge to throw up. You might remember a while back we showed you the cuddly and lovable Plush sperm. Well, apparently the company Purple Flavor has a whole bunch more body fluids left in their arsenal including blood… or at least what happens to blood after it dries on a cut.

“Hey everybody my name’s Crustopher the Scab. I’m that best friend you just love to pick on. I come complete with a blood-stained bandage. “It’s my blanket!” Hold me, tickle me, nibble my crispy edges, just don’t forget I’m a part of you. Do you have a place in your heart for a Scab?”

Do you want a scab to call your own? you can find them at Purpleflavor.com for only $15. Don’t worry, this is one scab you can pick at.