While Stephen King’s It is currently burning up the box office, fans are already looking forward to the sequel, in which the adult version of the Loser’s club comes back to take on Pennywise one last time. Today, the studios behind the film announced that the next chapter in the story will hit theaters on September 6, 2019. Moreover, the film will hit both regular and IMAX screens. While there’s no mention of it, don’t be surprised if the current film also sees a special re-release so that people can watch the two films back to back.

While no cast has been announced for the film (other than Bill Skarsgård who is set to return as Pennywise), Gary Dauberman (the first film’s screenwriter) and Andy Muschietti (the first film’s director) are both rumored to be returning. Of course, it has also been reported recently that Andy Muschietti is in talks to direct the live action Akira remake, so there’s always a chance that he could get wooed away.