We try really hard here to make sure we don’t give out spoilers without a warning. However, a lot of people are currently upset at the spoilers that have been floating around about this week’s new Marvel film, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2. While unfortunate, you kind of have to expect it when the movie is released in other countries before it hits the US market. Now, James Gunn is speaking up about the spoilers and why they won’t effect your movie going experience in the slightest. Here’s the message he sent out to people on Facebook to help assuage any concerns they might have:

“There are studies that show spoilers don’t really spoil anything. In a good story, our brains feel just as much pleasure whether or not we know the plot point ahead of time – and a new sort of pleasure emerges when we’re piecing together the story we know is leading to some already-known element.

So, if you’ve accidentally heard about a surprise in Vol. 2, worry not – you will still be able to heartily enjoy the film. Not only because spoilers don’t matter, but because we’ve created a movie where the story, humor, visuals, music, and emotion don’t rely on surprises even if they did, and that you’ll have a blast whether or not you know a spoiler or two before going in.”