A couple of months ago, there was some buzz about a possible sequel to the hit Korean zombie movie, Train to Busan. If you haven’t checked the original one out on Netflix, get off your ass and do it today. It’s really a great film. According to Deadline, it looks like it might not be a sequel in the works, but a full-on remake. This is a little surprising for a couple of reasons: 1. it is already accepted and adored by American audiences. and 2. It only hit theaters in the summer of 2016!

So, who is behind the new film? Deadline says that Aquaman/ The Conjuring director, James Wan will be producing the film with The Nun writer Gary Dauberman taking on screenwriting duties. Now the only question that remains is what we can expect from the remake. Will it still be Train to Busan or are we looking at a fully Americanized remake with a name like Train to LA? Are we still looking at an all Asian cast, or are we looking at a white-washed interpretation?

Honestly, the whole thing has us a little salty right now. There are still people discovering the original film on Netflix. It’s a great movie and it just seems like we are way too early in its life for people to consider remaking it already. What do you think?