Jason Segel, star of “How I Met Your Mother” and the writer of the newest Muppet movie has just signed on to take over the human lead of the film according to THR.

“The TV show as well as some of the movies tended to have one key human actor with whom the Muppets associated on their adventures. It is known that Segel plays a man on a quest to find and reunite the Muppets.

With this new announcement, one big question is looming large in the minds of us here at YBMW. When will they announce that Neil Patrick Harris will be in the movie? Come on, if there’s anyone who should be in a Muppet movie, it’s NPH… Preferably on a unicorn.

A little while back we posted some comments on a script review for “The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made” and it actually made us a little bit nervous. The main complaint of the review was that the film had no forward movement. The Muppets are primed for a major golden age. If this movie is anywhere near the apocalyptically bad Muppet Wizard of Oz, there might any recovering it. The ray of hope that we have is that our own insiders at the house of mouse have let us know that the reviewed script was far from the final draft.

On a minor side note, we want to reach out to Segel and the rest of the team regarding a friend of YBMW, Patrick Duffy. Last year we interviewed Duffy and he let us know that the greatest regret of his career was that he never got to host The Muppet Show. He went on to tell us just how much he’d love to be in the new movie. Let’s see if we can make his dream come true!

Source: THR