Warner Bros. recently renewed the domain name for “Gremlins 3” (Gremlins3.com), which they have owned since 2009. While this does not mean the studio is interested in making a new movie, it’s interesting to at least note and speculate since the studio had also renewed domains for “Green Lantern 2” (GreenLantern2.com) and “The Hangover” (TheHangover3.com), both of which are being made.

Moviehole, which first reported the news, believes that people should expect the Gremlins to be back “before a Green Screen in the coming months.” Their reasoning is due to the domain renewal which reiterates the studio’s interest in doing a new “Gremlins” film.

Adding fuel to the mystery is the fact that WB doesn’t normally go around reserving domain names for sequels and prequels. Everything they have bought has either been announced or is in development.

With popular brand name franchises like “G.I. Joe,” “The Muppets” and “Transformers” making revivals at the box office as of late, it really doesn’t surprise us if a new “Gremlins” sequel is being heavily considered. Again, while this domain renewal doesn’t mean a film is in the works, it also doesn’t mean nothing. WB would probably not go to all this trouble if they weren’t planning to do something with the property. Guess we’ll find out in 2012.