If you haven’t seen Rogue One, you are missing out. It was one of the best Star Wars films ever made, and a damn fine war/ heist movie in it’s own right. One of the characters from the film is Saw Guerrera, a character that first appeared in the Clone Wars animated series and was then portrayed in the film by Forest Whitaker.

When Star Wars Rebels (which actually got three little Easter Eggs in the new film) comes back in January, Whitaker will be on hand to bring Guerrera out for an adventure with the crew of the Ghost. The interesting thing about the clip that they’ve released is that he’s bald and seemingly lacking a lot of the medical enhancements that he’s wearing in the film. Given the proximity of time between the film and the series, I’ll be curious to see if the events of the show are what cause his injuries.

Get a first look at Saw Gerrera — the rebel hero from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — in Star Wars Rebels. Voiced by Forest Whitaker, Saw comes to Star Wars Rebels in January 2017.