Last March Legendary Pictures struck a deal with Toho for the rights to create a new Godzilla film with Warner Bros. co-financing and co-producing the picture. The announcement was made official but not a lot of information has been leaked about it since, aside from a rumored image of how the new Godzilla would appear.

Recently however, Legendary Pictures producer Brian Rogers had an interview with and talked 3D remake of the Tokyko beast. In the interview, Rogers explained how the new film would be similar to Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” films. Which I guess, translates into the film being darker, grittier and more realistic. Probably something like “Cloverfield” meets “The Dark Knight.”

Additionally, it was revealed that Godzilla would have a foe to do battle with (my inner child is squealing with delight). Because really, it’s not a Godzilla movie without that. Thank Gawd Hollywood is finally starting to realize that. Maybe this new remake won’t be a disaster after all.

You can check out the video of the interview below as Rogers discusses all things Godzilla remake!

Source: AICN