Are you a geek? Are you a Star Wars geek? What about a fashionable Star Wars geek? This super geeky Star Wars Star Destroyer umbrella concept is exactly what you’d want and need. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist yet.

Here’s the full description of the most epic umbrella you will ever see but probably never own (insert sad face here):

A unique triangular shaped umbrella that folds up just like any other ordinary umbrella. But unlike other umbrellas, this one can withstand the force of a hurricane. Or an attack of a rebel fleet. In space. Warp speed stylez.

The handle is a similar material to the graphite shaft of a golf club, the waterproof fabric is adhered tightly to the frame and all this awesomeness actually weighs less than a golf umbrella with the coolness factor of 100.

Let’s all keep dreaming fanboys and girls, let’s all keep dreaming…

Source: OneMoreGadget