Here’s a very cool marketing stunt to drum up awareness for the newly released video game “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” In what is essentially a geeky flash/freeze mob, watch as Darth Malgus leads an army into New York’s Times Square to “do battle” with Jedi and plainclothes warriors.

Plainclothes warriors join the battle among Jedi and Sith in the first ever lightsaber freeze mob duel in the heart of New York’s Times Square. Watch as over 100 fans joined the battle to celebrate the launch of STAR WARS™: The Old Republic on 12.20.11

Source: Superpunch

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  1. Um lol…”Watch as Vader leads an army…” Thats not Vader. Thats Darth Malgus hahaha. Who the heck edits this?

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