Norwegian artist Jason is doing what Tom Cruise couldn’t in the 2008’s assassination thriller “Valkyrie.” He will finally kill Adolf Hilter.

Jason’s 2007 Eisner Award-winning graphic novel “I Killed Adolf Hitler,” has recently been optioned for film development according to an interview with The Daily Cross Hatch.

“If it happens, it happens,” Jason said, “It just seems like a small miracle every time a good movie is made, especially in Hollywood.”

“I Killed Adolf Hitler,” involves an insane plot taking place in a world where contract killing is legalized. An unnamed hitman is hired to go back in time to assassinate Adolf Hitler but blotches the job as must atone for this mistake. Originally published by Fantagraphics, “I Killed Adolf Hitler” is a sci-fi thriller choke full of twists, engaging plots and comedy.

Source: MTV Splash