ABC Preside Paul Lee recently revealed that a character from the Marvel Universe is going to make an appearance alongside Richard Castle in the next season of ABC’s hit mystery series “Castle.” While Lee did not reveal which Marvel character it’d be or if it’s just someone in a costume in a Halloween episode (or something), we believe it might be Marvel’s former superhero turned private eye Jessica Jones.

Here’s what ABC President Paul Lee recently had this to say:

You know, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it, but we’ve got a really cool story line with a Marvel character that appears on Castle this year […] If you guys haven’t seen the finale for Castle from this past season, it’s extraordinary. [Castle creator] Andrew Marlow is really hitting his stride. And that was an underrated show that really found its momentum. And there’s one episode, and I’m probably giving away a secret and I shouldn’t because Andrew is going to kill me, with a Marvel superhero character.

It makes sense to have Jessica Jones as Marvel, Disney and ABC are currently developing a Jessica Jones series based on the comic book series “Alias” created and written by Brian Michael Bendis. The series will be penned by “Twilight” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and is tentatively known as “AKA Jessica Jones.”

Source: IGN