Aside from cats riding invisible bikes, the internet is a haven for rumors and gossip. With the latest being an intriguing report from io9 who reports that actor John Cusack may be interesting in the Vertigo supernatural drama, “Preacher.”

Speaking to Cusack as part of their “2012” interview, Cusack was reported saying that “One particular vampire and killer comic has sparked his interest” after being asked if he would ever consider doing a comic book adaptation or a superhero film like Robert Downey Jr. and other big name celebrities.

“I don’t know, but yeah, for sure. I think the adult comics are some of the best film ideas out there,” says Cusack.

When asked if there were any comic book movie ideas/scripts floating around that he’d like to see made, he responded,

“Yeah, I can, there was one or two that I heard of that sounded really cool. One of them was about, I think… it’s a vampire and a killer, and they’re on the road, and it’s this really strange story. I thought that sounded pretty cool. Also some of the obscure ones, I don’t know if there are any more superheroes left.”

When asked who he’d want to play, he said, “I’d say either the vampire or the priest. One of those two guys.”

Sam Mendes’ “Preacher” is officially stuck in development hell. The last we’ve heard, Mendes was waiting for it to be translated and adapted properly. John August is set to pen the script which was last reported to being half way done. No official dialogue has linked Cusack to “Preacher,” and that may be a good thing.

Because honestly, I cannot image Cusack as either Jesse Custer or Cassidy.

Source: io9