Steven Johnson is a Hollywood special effects legend who’s the brainchild behind many iconic and cult classic hits such as “Ghostbusters, “Big Trouble in Little China,” “The Abyss,” “Blade II,” “Species,” “Spider-man II,” the recent “Where the Wild Things Are” and more!

On his own dime, he’s setup a new YouTube Channel called Rubber Rules to share with viewers and fans some behind the scenes FX footage that he’s done and accumulated over the years. Some of the material are from popular movies that he’s work on and other are from pre-production films that never made it to the big screens such as Tim Burton’s “Superman Lives.”

This is a must see for monster fans and fans of behind the scene footages. The first video is an intro by Johnson with a lot of great stuff, while the second is part 1 of “Back Into The Abyss” — a mini-documentary exploring the process and struggles Steve and his crew had creating the NTI creatures for the James Cameron 1989’s sci-fi film.