I remember going to see an advanced screening of John Wick. It was one of those perfect movies. A tight 90-minute action adventure that could have been an amazing stand-alone project. Now, we’re preparing for the fourth installment of the franchise, a TV show about the Continental hotel is on the way, and there’s at least one spinoff film in the pipeline. Today we’re learning that the spinoff could be coming much sooner than expected.

The Ballerina, starring Ana De Armas reprising her role from Parabellum where she played a ballet-dancer-turned-assassin. In the new film, we’ll see The Ballerina go on a quest for vengeance against the people who killed her family.

While we know nothing else about the film, which features Underworld’s Len Wiseman as the director, it’s now being reported that it could begin shooting as early as next week. In the meantime, John Wick 4 is slated for release in March of 2023.