There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the Johhny Depp/ Armie Hammer/ Gore Verbinski Lone Ranger film. It had a great cast, a huge $250 million dollar budget and a great director. The only thing that they really didn’t account for is that All the western movies int he last 20 years probably haven’t made $250 million dollars combined. That could be why last night the hammer seems to have fallen on the movie. Disney has officially halted production of the Lone Ranger.

Deadline says that the plug was pulled because of the budget. It doesn’t matter that Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski had previously worked together to make 3 out of 4 of the studio’s highest grossing films. This is still a western.

Also, the film was set to debut right up against The Hobbit and World War Z.

Today this update came out that will give some fans a glimmer of hope… but don’t count on too much.

Johnny Depp is in Europe right now, but really wanted to make The Lone Ranger. According to one insider, “Let’s see how it all shakes out on Monday. There’s always a chance that it could go. You never know until you know.” Everyone involved is still intent on the project and still in discussions to see what can be done.

Source: Deadline