Not much to say here, just some cool videos from the streets of Pittsburgh where they are filming the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises’. The coolest is probably our first shot of the Batplane in action!

First up is the Batplane or copter… or whatever the hell it is moving through the streets of Pittsburgh. There were so many spectators that we have a few angles on the action.

Next, we’ve got a video of Gary Oldman, AKA Commissioner Gordon hiding on the back of a big military vehicle that we’ve seen popping up in a lot of footage lately.

Here’s another HD take of the Batplane flying down the street. The bonus on this one is that you can actually see Christian Bale in the cockpit!

Here’s that Catwoman stunt that messed up an IMAX camera the other day, but in this version, they actually manage to complete the shot without causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Finally, here’s a little footage of Joseph Gordon Levitt and Daniel Sunjata on set.