It’s finally over folks… the nightmare that is of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” which has been just as entertaining as a root canal. According to New York Post, TLC will stop filming new episodes next month and will try to mash up a couple of remaining episodes from existing footage before finally putting this crap to a rest.

And by this crap, I mean the he-said-she-said drama between Jon Gosselin, 32, and his estranged 34-year-old wife Kate which has escalated into a cluckfest and an everyday tabloid fodder that we as a nation have simply quite gotten tired of.

Neither Jon or Kate has commented on the show’s cancellation.

Previously Jon had forbade TLC from filming his eight children after an epiphany about the harm the show would cause to his children. Kate insisted that she relies on the show for her income to support her eight kids and had wanted to start a new show called “Kate Plus 8.”

There is still a chance for the show to return however, especially under the new title “Kate Plus 8.” But in order for that to happen, according to sources, the couple would have to first sort out their personal problems.

Source: NY Post