There has been talk of a sequel to the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger/ Danny DeVito film Twins for years. The plan was allegedly to have the brothers find out that a third brother exists in the form of Eddie Murphy. While that movie thankfully never happened, the idea of Twins is one that still interests studios and now Avengers: Infinity War actors Josh Brolin and Peter Dinklage have just signed on for their own film called ‘Brothers.’

We don’t know anything about the new project, or if they will even be playing actual twins, but it looks like they will be working with the same type of scenario where you’ve got the perfect brother and the screw-up who have to come together and find a way to work as a team, just like the original film. We also know that the film was written by Etan Cohen who wrote great films like Tropic Thunder, but also wrote duds like last year’s Holmes & Watson.

The good news here is that both Brolin and Dinklage are great actors who have seemingly good taste in projects. We’ll let you know as soon as we know more!