We have learned through IESB that Josh Hutcherson (Cirque du Freak) is reportedly in the mix for the lead role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Marc Webb’s reboot of the Spider-Man franchise.

He will join Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) to compete for the coveted role as he also fits the strict criteria for the new Spider-man in being “young, unknown, cheap.”

Hutcherson who has also appeared in “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (the annoying kid who called dibs on girls twice his age), have been receiving tremendous reviews for his performance in the hit SUndance film “The Kids Are All Right,” and will be seen co-starring in the upcoming “Red Dawn” remake which will drop in November.

Personally, I don’t see Hutcherson as a good fit for nerdy Parker, as he’s always tackled roles where he’s perceived as a much cooler kid. He’d make a great Flash Thompson who torments Parker, however.

Source: IESB