THR has a big new article about Josh Trank and what really (allegedly) happened on the set of Fantastic Four. It’s actually kind of sad. This was close to just being a bad movie, but one stupid tweet has turned it into the biggest Hollywood crapstorm in quite sometime.

According to the article, which states that he’s now hired Celeb lawyer Marty Singer to help him get through everything, the first big slap in the face came to Trank from an unnamed member of the cast.

Allegedly, Trank sent out an email to a few members of the cast a couple days before the release date claiming that Fantastic Four was better than 99 percent of the comic-book movies ever made. One of the movie’s stars responded with: “I don’t think so.”

Here are some other bullet points from the article:

– Trank apparently didn’t produce good enough material to ever create a film which could be salvaged, and refused help from the studio and producers. “He holed up in a tent and cut himself off from everybody,” one insider tells the site. “He built a black tent around his monitor. He was extremely withdrawn. [He] would go to his trailer and he wouldn’t interact with anybody.

– Trank is being accused of causing $100,000 in damages to the house that the studio rented for him in Louisiana. When the landlord moved to evict him, it’s alleged that “photographs of the landlord’s family that were in the house were defaced. Padial made a complaint to the local sheriff’s department and filed a civil suit in Louisiana that is sealed.The sheriff’s department says the case was ‘closed as a civil matter between landlord and tenant.'”

– While many are blaming the reshoots, it turns out that there was not a cohesive ending when the shoot concluded. This left Simon Kinberg and Hutch Parker scrambling for a solution with a cast that had limited availability. “a lot of material was shot with doubles and the production moved to Los Angeles to film scenes with Teller against a green screen. ‘It was chaos,’ says a crew member, adding that Trank was still in attendance ‘but was neutralized by a committee.'”

– Through all of this, it’s important to know that the root problem here wasn’t Trank. The reality is that the movie should not have been mad. In fact, One source told THR that it was “ill-conceived, made for the wrong reasons and there was no vision behind the property. The were afraid of losing the rights so they pressed forward and didn’t surround [Trank] with help or fire him. They buried their heads in the sand.”

I’m sure that Marvel doesn’t want to see any of their properties get damaged like what has now happened to Fantastic Four, but given that it was essentially made out of greed and spite, the House of Ideas is probably having at least a little bit of a chuckle.

Source: CBM