Karen Gillan has just signed on to star in Dual, a new sci-fi film with Break Bad/ Westworld star Aaron Paul. In the new film. In a fun little twist, the main character that Gillan will be going up against in the new movie is, Karen Gillan.

In Dual, Gillan plays a woman who is dying of a terminal disease. Thanks to new technology, she now has the ability to have herself cloned so her passing will be easier on friends and loved ones. However, when she suddenly recovers, she tries and fails to have her clone taken offline so she can resume her own life. Now, she must face herself in a court-mandated fight to the death.

We’ve got to be honest, this sounds like a very silly movie. If they take it with a tongue-in-cheek attitude it could be a lot of fun. But, if they take themselves too seriously, it could be fun for all the wrong reasons. Joining Paul and Gillan in the film are Beulah Koale, Martha Kelly and Jesse Eisenberg.