When director Len Wiseman buckles down to film his remake of ‘Total Recall’, he’ll not only have a much different storyline than the original, but he’ll also have a cast that blows the old movie out of the water!

We know that Colin Ferrel will be taking the role of Quaid, originally played by the master of baby making Arnold Schwarzenegger. kate Beckinsale will be playing his evil wife, originally played by Sharon Stone. Also, Jessical Beil will be playing his spy love interest in the film.

Bryan Cranston will be playing the bad guy Vilos Cohaagen.

Now it has also been announced, Bill Nighy will be taking on the role of Quatto, the deformed head of the resistance movement. This final bit of news puts together a truly all-star cast.

If you missed earlier reports, the new movie tosses out the Mars storyline in favor of a story that pits Euromerica against New Shanghai.

There’s no word on whether Arnold or Sharon Stone will make appearances. You can be pretty sure that the Governator has other things on his mind. As for Stone, I’d like to nominate her to play an older, road worn version of the three-breasted hooker from the first film.

Source: slashfilm