We last reported that Keanu Reaves would star in Universal’s epic period piece, “47 Ronin” a year ago. Since then, the project has been in limbo until recently when Universal finally named a director in Carl Erik Rinsch.

“47 Ronion” will be Rinsch’s feature debut, who has made his mark directing commercials for Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes. This is unusual considering the size of the project, but there is no doubt regarding his confidence and ability behind a camera. Rinsch was also in talks for the Alien prequel some time ago, before Sir Ridders was persuaded to do it himself.

“47 Ronin” is one of Japan’s key national legendary tales about masterless samurai who sought revenge after the death of their master in ritual suicide. There’s corruption, loyalty, honor, and a whole lot of revenge. The story is nothing new of course and this is simply one of the newer reiterations of a classic tale.

“Wanted’s” Chris Morgan is set to pen the script and promises it to be heavily action based and epic.

Source: Empire Online