This is one of those things where you think to yourself, “Damn, why didn’t I think of it first!” Or maybe you might be thinking, “Wonder Woman. Wonder Bread. Why didn’t I make this connection sooner??”

Yes folks, someone has sculpted DC’s leading heroine Wonder Woman out of Wonder Bread. Mleak of Flickr had this to say about her breadiful sculpture:

“This is a sculpture I made in 2008, a Wonder Woman made out of Wonder® brand white bread and its packaging. I used 11 loaves of bread as well as their bags, in case you’re curious.”

According to Mleak, 11 bags of Wonder Bread was used to sculpt this once life size Amazonian feat.

“She actually started out my size, but the armature wasn’t quite sturdy enough, and she began to shrink and warp a little. Alas! Noodle legs. We still look good together.”

To see more of her unique Wonder Woman creation hit up her Flickr page here.