It wasn’t too long ago that Kevin Smith said he was done making movies. Well, now that he’s jumped back in to make his indy flick, Tusk, he’s adjusted his statement to say that he’s done making movies that aren’t Kevin Smith movies. Initially the plan was to call it quits after Clerks 3, now it looks like we may be seeing a lot more from Smith in the future.

Here’s the resolution that he posted on his Facebook page:
“[F]rom now until I drop dead, I’m only ever gonna make a flick that only I would/could ever make. ‘Jersey Girl,’ ‘Zack & Miri,’ ‘Cop Out’ – while I love them all, these are movies anybody could make. Like ’em or hate ’em, nobody else but me could’ve (or would’ve) ever made ‘Clerks’. Or ‘Chasing Amy’. Or ‘Dogma’. Or ‘Red State’. Or ‘Clerks II’. Or ‘Mallrats’. Or ‘Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back’. I let my view askew get standardized for awhile there – so much so that I was happy to walk away from it all for three years and do other s–t. But after conceiving and shooting ‘Tusk’ in less than 6 months (with the help of a s–t ton of amazing professionals and a budget smaller than that of ‘Red State’), I realized that film isn’t in my blood… MY films are in my blood. And some of ’em are still in there, so I better get ’em out!”

The next project he has in mind after Clerks 3 is Helena Handbag. Here’s his quick pitch to fans:

“The idea is to, once again, take an episode of SModcast and turn it into a movie,” he says. “…[T]his time the plot of the movie concerns mankind teaming up with Hell to save existence from extinction at the hands of a Rapturing giant Jesus – which means the budget has to be LOW, because NOBODY’S gonna wanna make that movie. At all. And I know this going in, so I won’t be heartbroken if it never goes beyond the script. But… if the script is funny enough? Who knows?”

Source: Comingsoon