Mark Miller recently announced during a UK radio interview that “Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall” has been greenlit and will begin shooting in about nine months.

Although “Kick-Ass” didn’t storm the box office like what the studio hoped for, its crazy fast pace, humorous swift and blinding violence was good enough to spark a small cult following. The fantastic number of DVD and Blu-ray sales probably also helped pad the Studio Exec’s decision to to go ahead with the sequel.

Speaking with MTV, Miller also revealed some details about the plot. According to Miller, “Kick-Ass 2” will follow immediately after what happened in “Kick-Ass.” And that we will “see how Dave has inspired people to become amateur superheroes, Red Mist has inspired people in the sequel to become amateur supervillains.”

The plot will center around two rival gangs of super characters and “go straight into what’s happened with Dave and Hit-Girl as well, picking up from where they left off in the last story.”

“Hit-Girl has now been adopted by someone who’s saying that she’s not allowed to kill people anymore, she can’t be Hit-Girl anymore. Dave is getting deeper and deeper into this very dangerous hobby that he has which is going out every night and getting into fights, dressed in a superhero costume and he’s actually formed a superhero team.”

Miller also adds that the reason the sequel won’t begin filming is because the “Kick-Ass” director, Matthew Vaughn is currently tied up with “X-Men: First Class.”

We’re probably about nine months away from production starting, at the earliest, because Matthew Vaughn’s got to do X-Men: First Class. Matthew just wants to get X-Men done next year then hopefully we’ll just go straight into Kick-Ass 2, that’s the plan.

He adds that this may be problematic because some of the actors may be too old. Miller mentions Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl) in particular, citing how she “is going to change physically quite dramatically over the next few years, so we have to do the sequel while everyone still looks like they’re in high school.”

Source: MTV