We’ve had some pretty amazing women as our GOTM’s, but Lisa Foiles is our first real star. She got her start on the popular Nickelodeon show, “All that” but now she’s one of the hottest gamers on the net. After leaving the limelight for college, she’s back with a new site, a new web series and a growing acting career that has the Hollywood rumor mill buzzing. Now, let’s get to know Lisa Foiles.

Full Name: Lisa Renee “Kickass” Foiles

Writing words about video games, acting in comedic television programs, giving high-fives

Favorite Movie:
Boondock Saints and the ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy. Not those blasphemous prequels.

Favorite TV Show:
Arrested Development, Metalocalypse

Favorite Video Game (current):

Favorite Video Game (old school):
Monkey Island series, Grim Fandango

Favorite Food:
Pizza and Sushi (not together)

Favorite book:
Lord of the Rings trilogy

Favorite author/writer:
Dave Barry

YBMW: Do you read comics?
LF: Yes, I’m just starting to get into them! If anyone wants to take me under their wing and show me the ways of the comic book lifestyle, EMAIL ME.

YBMW; What’s your favorite comics?
LF: Walking Dead, Wanted, Grim Fairytales

YBMW: Who are your favorite artists?
LF: Adam Hughes is pretty badass.

YBMW: Who is your favorite Superhero?
LF: Batman, hands down. He’s a real person without powers, which makes him relatable. Also, he is kind of a ninja.

YBMW: What were your favorite cartoons growing up and why?
LF: Rocko’s Modern Life and Angry Beavers because of their off-the-wall humor and insanely unpredictable plotlines. (I still say “spoot” to this day.) Always been a huge Simpsons fan, too – my dad was awesome and let me watch it even though I didn’t get half the jokes.

YBMW: What cartoons do you like to watch now?
LF: Metalocalypse and Archer at the moment. Those two shows are mind-explodingly funny.

YBMW: What toys did you play with when you were a kid?
LF: My brother’s Ninja Turtles Pizza Shooting Mobile… thing. And LEGOs!

YBMW: Was there ever a toy you really wanted as a kid, but were never able to get?
LF: I WANTED A BUZZ LIGHTYEAR *SO* BADLY. My mom wouldn’t buy me one. I am emotionally scarred from this deprivation. It will not be soon forgotten.

YBMW: Do you collect toys now?
LF: Not unless video games count as toys. I don’t really “collect” things. At one point I was going to collect antenna balls because I had acquired one from Jack in the Box. Then I realized it would take too much effort and too many trips to Jack in the Box to increase my collection. Plus, my cat ended up eating the only one I had.

YBMW: A lot of people might recognize you from your time as a child star on the Nick show “All That.” What was the experience like and do you still have nightmares about the constant threat of Nick Goo?
LF: NO, NOT THE SLIME! Sorry – flashback. My time on All That was incredible; I met, and got to work with, so many celebrities.

Not many people get to live out their most awkward teenage years on television, but I sure did! Yep. All while making an ass of myself. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

YBMW: From your bio and IMDB page it looks like you took a big break from acting and are just getting back into it now. What made you take the break… and what pulled you back in?
LF: I had practically spent my childhood in Hollywood and, for a girl from the Northwest, it’s hard to be in the desert of California for so many years. I took a break to return home and attend college. I still act whenever I can, but yes, I’d love to get back into it more fulltime.

YBMW: Have you been a gamer your whole life or did you get into video games later on?
LF: I played my SNES constantly as a kid – a total Mario Kart addict. Been obsessed with games ever since!

YBMW: Can you tell us a bit about save point and what’s been going on with that site lately?
LF: I started Save Point as my own personal “glorified gaming blog” in February of 2009. I gathered a team of friends to contribute and now we are an irregularly updated humor gaming site that doesn’t take anything seriously and stays unpredictable. We have reviews and random fun stuff, but comedic videos are starting to become more our “thing.”

YBMW: Recently you launched a whole new project, Everyday Achievements. The first three episodes have been very funny. Where did the show come from? Why a web series? Can you tell us a bit about it?
LF: Everyday Achievements is a scripted series of ridiculous videos that are filled with awkward, angry, socially retarded gamers on a quest to level up and pwn life. We’re all best friends in real life, so a lot of the jokes come from situations that have actually happened. It’s all in good fun. Give it a watch and don’t take it seriously – if you do, you’re missing the point! Haha.

YBMW: How has fan reaction been so far?
LF: So, so awesome. Not a ton of people have seen it because we really have no idea how to publicize it or spread the word, lol. (That all takes “effort.”) I’d say 80% of the people who watch it do not take it seriously, and as a result, love it for what it is – a stupid, awkward, sexy web show with sub-par audio quality. The other 20%… well, you can’t please everyone. Who cares. We do this for fun!

YBMW – Zombies or Vampires?
LF: KILLER ROBOTS. …But if I had to choose, then zombies. I’m much more prepared for a zombie apocalypse than a vampire invasion.

YBMW – Who would win in a fight, you or Felicia Day?
LF: At first I would win, since I have cat-like agility, ninja-like reflexes, and can hurl toilet seats at redheads with deadly accuracy, but then she’d call in her millions of Twitter followers to hogtie me. Then I’d be screwed, since MY Twitter followers would probably just make fun of my failure as opposed to actually helping me. But that’s why I love them.

YBMW – If you could have any Superpower, what would it be and why?
LF: Check it out: My power would be the ability to catch ANYTHING, as long as I’m wearing a catcher’s mitt. So if ten thousand guns all fired at me simultaneously, I’d be able to catch every bullet. Also, this would come in handy if someone like the Hulk threw a car or train at me. Not to mention I could probably get signed by the Mets.

YBMW – There are some rumors floating around the net that we’re going to see you in the next Child’s Play movie. Any comment?
LF: I have one comment, make of it what you will: ROFL

YBMW – Is there anything else that you’ve got coming up that you’d like to talk about?
LF: Look for me on Kotaku! Look for me on Twitter (@LisaFoiles)! Look for me in Everyday Achievements! Look for me at game expos! Look for me on Save Point! And when you see me, tell me you are Luke Skywalker and you are here to rescue me. (It’ll be great.)