If you missed out on the first season of BBC America’s Killing Eve, you’ve got until August to catch up before the second season premiers. Season 1 was one of the most interesting serial killer hunting/ love story/ comedy/ dramas that I’ve ever checked out and I can’t wait to see what is coming next between the serial killer/ assassin, Villanelle (Jodie Comer), and the intelligence agent (Sandra Oh) who is simultaneously trying to hunt her down and decide if she’s falling in love with her. It’s a premise that I wasn’t too sure about up front, but got hooked on as I watched it unfold on the screen.

The new season kicks off on April 7 on both BBC America and AMC after a serious cliff-hanger at the end of last year. I haven’t seen a relationship dynamic this messed up since Harley and Joker. It’s a glorious trainwreck and a lot of fun to watch.