Fairy tales are hot right now in Hollywood. Not only did we have ‘Tangled’, but there’s multiple versions of Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel moving towards the big screen. One of the hottest adaptations of them all is ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’.

We already reported a while back that Charlize Theron was in talks to play the the Evil Queen, but now it looks like they are moving closer and closer to filling the other two major roles: Snow White, and the Huntsman.

The huntsman looks like it will be going to Viggo Mortensen. It seems like the role would fit him well, especially after movies like LOTR and ‘The Road’. Snow White on the other hand seems like it is a little more complicated.

The big word as of last night is that Bella Swan herself (Kristen Stewart) is taking a look at the role, but she might have to get in line. Emily Browning, who is one of the leads in ‘SuckerPunch’ has already screen tested for the part.

Who would you like to see as your fantasy Snow White?