Not a day after Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch) was officially announced as the director for Warner Bros.’ new “Superman: Man of Steel” movie, we have word that Superman maybe be facing his old nemesis General Zod in the much anticipated reboot.

David Goyer who is penning the script, is rumored to have written in some connections to Richard Donner’s “Superman” films, similar to “Superman Returns.” The connection this time around however is General Zod and not a bastard child.

Creating a new Superman movie has been one of the studio’s top priorities. Much in part due to their risk of losing the rights to Superman as well as having it serve as linchpin for WB’s line of DC superhero-based films.

Although Superman did relaunch in 2006 with “Superman Returns,” it was considered a disappointment, and a hoped-for franchise never took off despite taking in $200 million domestically.

Source: THR